I. Malik Saafir founded The Southern Renaissance to create opportunities for students and parents to become public leaders in the Poetic Justice Movement. We work with students and parents to cultivate a healthy home and school environment in partnership with teachers and administrators. Southern believes that the success of each student is tied to the success of each parent. 

We discover with students and parents how they can become advocates and leaders by interpreting and creating:

  1. Community Power

  2. Community Policy

  3. Community Programs

  4. Community Protections

  5. Community Philanthropy

When we Love our children we acknowledge by our every action that they are not property, that they have rights...Without Justice there can be no Love.

 bell hooks, Feminist & Social Activist

Janus Institute For Justice

Janus Institute programs inspire families to create a world where every parent is an advocate and leader.


DeJa Vu Theater Of Justice

DeJa Vu Theater programs teach and train students to create a world where everyone is a climate and environmental justice leader.

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I. Malik Saafir

The Poetic Love Movement heals our people and planet through philanthropy. 

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