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The Black Rumi Podcast 

No Walls: Fathering From The Inside-Out 

Our Floetic Father podcast series is designed to offer valuable insights and strategies to dismantle the barriers often arising in co-parenting relationships. Fathers gain the tools to foster open communication, compassion, empathy, and lasting connections with their co-parents and children through engaging discussions and practical advice.

When fathers remove the walls that separate them from their co-parents and children, the positive effects overflow, touching every corner of our community. Stronger family bonds mean children grow up feeling supported, loved, and understood, which paves the way for them to become well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society.


As Floetic Fathers, we embrace our roles with open hearts and open minds so our children can flourish in a co-parenting and co-mentoring environment. We are dedicated to being fathers to our children and mentors to every child without a father. 

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